Why day trips?

blog photo Jeanette contemplating
Me contemplating my next day trip!

So why would I take the trouble to start and maintain a blog specifically dedicated to travelling locally?  As my children became a little older, I began to look for ways to engage their minds, facilitate family togetherness, and expand our repertoire of outings beyond the playground.  Nevertheless, we are still in quite a busy stage and generally do not have the time or financial means of taking extensive trips.  We happen to live in Lancaster County, considered a major tourism hub, and a suburb of the greater Philadelphia region.  Why not become a tourist in our own backyard?

I have a particular interest in history, thanks in part to my fascinating genealogical story, so many of my day trips revolve around historical sites, although nature and scientific discovery is another family favorite.  I hope to be a great resource for homeschooling families or anyone looking to expand their child’s educational experience out of the classroom.  Of course, like any typical American family we love to be entertained and have fun, so I will include these types of outings too!

As technology continues to advance and society increasingly spends more time indoors and online, the need to motivate families to get out and get moving becomes more necessary.  When I reflect on my own childhood and ponder the memories that I recall the most clearly and with the most fondness, they almost always take me back to a family outing or vacation!  I want to be intentional about building these memories into my own children’s lives.

I have been planning day trips for a couple of years now and I always do a lot of research before we go, both to understand more about a particular place so we can maximize our experience and also to avoid little nuisances that can occur during travel.  If I put just a little more effort in, I can provide my reader’s with a good overview of a destination, a firsthand account of what to do or not do, and perhaps a little inspiration to try something out they may never have thought of otherwise.

May this blog get you started on your own family adventures.  Happy memory-building!